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Information about the STD Wizard Software

What is the purpose of the STD Wizard Software?

"Do I have an STD?" is a commonly asked question. And it is not uncommon to have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and show no symptoms. The STD Wizard online quiz lets any user find out which tests, treatments, and vaccines are recommended, based on their personal risk factors. In a few minutes, a user gets an accurate STD risk assessment, based on the best scientific information. The STD Wizard Software also saves health care providers time, and ensures the correct tests are ordered.

What is the scientific basis of the STD Wizard Software?

The STD Wizard was developed in 2006, under a grant from the CDC. All the questions, recommendations, and logic in the STD Wizard Software are directly based on the 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines, from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why not just read the CDC Guidelines?

The guidelines are over 100 pages of dense, technical text. The text is far too complex for the general public to use for STD risk assessment. Also, the text is organized by infections, not by risk factors, so the task is even more difficult. Even a medical professional would find it quite tedious and error-prone to use the CDC Guidelines for doing risk assessments. The STD Wizard Software changes the complex, confusing risk assessment process into one that is easy, fast and accurate.

Does the STD Wizard Software make diagnoses?

No. The STD Wizard Software is useful and efficient for determining which STD tests and vaccinations are indicated. But it cannot make a diagnosis, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care. Having a test recommended is just the first step toward a possible diagnosis. You need to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider concerning any medical condition.

What is the distinction between STD and STI?

STD = "Sexually transmitted disease". STI = "Sexually transmitted infection". Although STI is the newer term and is increasingly used by medical professionals, we have retained the acronym STD because it is used more often by the public.

Is the STD Wizard Software guaranteed to give the "right answer"?

The STD Wizard software was carefully planned and written, under the 2006 CDC Grant. The software has been extensively tested and reviewed to conform to the CDC Treatment Guidelines. To date, the software has proven correct and error-free, probably the most accurate and efficient way to determine which tests are needed. However, it is impossible to guarantee that the STD Wizard always gives the "right answer", for several reasons:

1) The STD Wizard Software recommends tests based on your personal risk factors, but not everyone with a risk factor contracts an STD, so the test may come back negative. 2) The CDC Treatment Guidelines are the best current scientific consensus of how to screen for STDs, but no such guideline is perfect; any clinical practice guideline evolves over time with new scientific knowledge. 3) You could contract an STD even with no known risk factors, for example if your partner contracts an STD and does not tell. 4) It is impossible to guarantee any complex software system (such as the STD Wizard) has no bugs.

Therefore, the STD Wizard Software is provided on an "as is" basis. The owners make no warranty or guarantee of correctness of the results, and assume no liability for any damages directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the STD Wizard. The final page of the STD Wizard lists the questions and responses that triggered the recommendations. So if you or your health provider have any concern, you can review the logic of why a particular test was recommended. Even if you have no questions about why a test was recommended, you are encouraged to review the logic, so that you can lower your future risk.

Does the STD Wizard Software protect user privacy?

Yes. We recognize the sensitive nature of the questions and responses. We guarantee we will not collect or misuse your private information. The STD Wizard does not use cookies. We use a secure https connection. And no personal identifying information is stored by the program.

A user on a public terminal, such as in a library, is reminded to close their browser and log out upon completing their self-assessment. However, we cannot guarantee that a third party will not view your information, for example by looking over your shoulder, viewing a printout you throw away, or by accessing a computer while you step away.

May I link to the STD Wizard Software?

Yes. We encourage schools, universities, health departments, hospitals, foundations, and clinics to link to the STD Wizard. We want as many as possible to benefit from knowing their STD risk.

If you link to the STD Wizard, please link to the home page. Linking to any other page results in the user not going in the right sequence.

We suggest that you label the link with one of the following: "What STD Tests do I Need? Online Risk Calculator", "What STD Tests do I Need? Online Risk Assessment", "Do I have an STD? Online Risk Assessment", "Do I have an STD? Online Risk Calculator", or other appropriate text of your choosing. The STD Wizard does NOT evaluate symptoms or make diagnoses, so please make sure not to convey that impression.

Can my organization have a customized version of the STD Wizard Software?

Yes. As part of a contract service, we can make a customized STD Wizard for your organization. For example, the customized STD Wizard could direct users to local clinics. It could run on an intranet to serve and collect information on a clinic population. It could make recommendations based on other clinical practice guidelines of your choosing. Call Dr. Daniel Goldman at 888-709-5319 to discuss, or use our contact form.

What is the target audience for the STD Wizard Software?

· Teenagers and college students (those at highest risk).
· Question wording and photos were chosen with youth in mind.
· But any age can use the STD Wizard.

How does the STD Wizard Software work?

· It asks a series of multiple-choice questions to assess STD risk.
· It asks only the questions needed. No more, no less.
· After the questions are asked, the user gets a list of recommendations.
· The recommendations can be printed out, or sent to an email address.

Questions are based on the CDC Guidelines. A few examples:

· How old are you, in years?
· When was the most recent HIV test you had?
· Have you ever used recreational drugs?
· Have you ever had your penis in a male's mouth (receptive oral sex)?

Recommendations are based on the CDC Guidelines. A few examples:

· Cervical or urine test for chlamydia
· Hepatitis B vaccination
· Syphilis blood test
· Throat swab for gonorrhea

How many questions is a user asked?

· There are about 80 potential questions.
· The number asked depends on the user's responses.
· On average, 15 to 30 questions are asked.

How many recommendations does a user get?

· It depends on the user's risk factors.
· There are about 30 potential recommendations.
· In real-world use, tests are recommended for most users.

How much is the STD Wizard Software used?

· About 100 users per day run the STD Wizard.
· The great majority finish (get recommendations).
· We have had over 10,000 users per day run the wizard.

What's the underlying technology?

· The STD Wizard Software is written in the C programming language.
· It uses a special kind of database technology to make decisions.
· It runs in any browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
· The STD Wizard "talks" to a web server to figure out what to do next.
· The front end is specially designed to work well on smart phones.

What does it look like? (Screenshots)

· Start point - is the entry point for the STD Wizard.
· First question - Also gives introduction.
· Sixth question - Typical STD Wizard question.
· Last question - Typical STD Wizard question.
· Recommendations - top - After all questions asked.
· Recommendations - middle - After all questions asked.
· Recommendations - bottom - After all questions asked.

Has the STD Wizard Software been evaluated?

· Yes. An evaluation was done in 2006.
· In the evaluation, 200 college students used the STD Wizard.
· Study participants were easily able to complete the STD Wizard.
· 88% found the software "very easy to use", 12% "easy to use".

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